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    Life has been quite crazy those past weeks , some parts of my body decided to strike together and don’t let me move until I rest (twisted my knees , burned my right foot while walking barefoot on an ember, hurt my back while jumping from a catamaran, get sick and hurt my eyes because of too much screen and contact lens)

    Didn’t had my glasses there , so I tried to draw but it’s really ridiculous when you have to be at 3cm of your page to see what you’re drawing (yeah, i’m really a mole without glasses!). But I din’t forget the Inktober challenge, got some there and other are coming, and when i’ll get back my legs and my glasses, I’d back like terminator to finish this damn Inktober, I swear!

    And ther we have the TANIWA , a Maori monster said to protect cave and some tribes who decided to have a pact with him, the JABBERWOCKY from a lewis’s caroll’s poem, and the NAGUAL , a shaman in the precolombian tribes who was said to have the power to turn into an animal (often a jaguar or a coyote)

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    King Krule’s mum cutting his hair. Also, his dog. Photography by Jess Gough

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    Remain steadfast when faced with uncertainty, for experiencing discomfort is the only way to grow.

    With danielbrucelee in Iceland.

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Thays Vita por Haruo Kaneko


    Thays Vita por Haruo Kaneko

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FLCL, vol. 3 (2001)
Authors: Hiroyuki Imaishi (Art), Yoji Enokido (Story), Kazuya Tsurumaki (Art)


    FLCL, vol. 3 (2001)

    Authors: Hiroyuki Imaishi (Art), Yoji Enokido (Story), Kazuya Tsurumaki (Art)

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    chance the rapper & the social experiment - no better blues

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